Monday, January 2, 2012

Mad Men Costume Gallery

Liz's makeup is '60s perfection.
I'll let you in on a little secret: Mad Men is one of my absolute favorite parties in the history of parties I've thrown. People's costumes were incredible; men looked dashing, women looked lovely, and I felt as though I was channeling my incredibly stylish grandmother as I rushed around the house in the dress she wore on her honeymoon. The food, the music, the silhouettes flitting about in the corner of my eye - it made me feel as though the party was haunted by some benevolent and fascinating ghosts.

Here's a gallery of costume ideas:

That pipe and sweater vest really makes it. Also, it doesn't hurt that Rishi looks exactly like Paul Kinsey.
I am loving Shannon's hair bump! And Kristopher's pairing of a turtleneck and blazer.
There are not enough excuses in this life to wear hair accessories like the one Jenny's got! Love it.
Jen came dressed as a Mad Men producer. Brilliant!
Some people would kill for a hat like that.
Aviator shades were popular that night.
Rachel's dress is so classic.
I paired some elbow-length gloves with my nonna's honeymoon dress.
It's the 60s! Why commit to only one print?
Rachel makes a lovely Peggy Olsen.
Another great example of 60s corporate casual.

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