Monday, July 18, 2011

The Apple Thief

I was so excited when my friend Kristen brought my favorite little guy, Wayne, to movie night - proving that Fantastic Mr. Fox is beloved by all ages.  We made sure the floors were swept since he tends to crawl around.  There wasn't much need to toddler-proof the house, as we already hide most of our breakables from the cat.  I grabbed some kid-friendly items - a molded-rubber lizard and a little squeezy koi fish, and he entertained us with his uncontrollable cuteness for the duration of the cocktail hour. 

I had a big wooden bowl of juicy apples on the coffee table - in two seconds, Wayne had lunged foward and taken his first big-boy bite out of a non-dissected apple.  We snatched the bowl away when we realized he was about to take one sample bite out of each.  Kid loves apples!  Luckily, he also loves blueberries which I had in abundance (at Minute 18, everyone popped a blueberry along with the guard dogs).

Once everyone had arrived, we all got comfortable on couches and floor pillows, pressed play and began to feast!  The Tyson's chicken was surprisingly delicious and kept its heat for the duration of the movie (it's really only a little over an hour long).  I sliced the Chinese pork buns in half so people could pace themselves.  The Hostess cupcakes were a fun surprise - I tossed them out right when they appeared on screen.  And my favorite big reveal was a bowl of rainbow sherbet punch (also kid-friendly) that I planted on the table at Minute 46, as Ash, Kristofferson and Agnes are conversing around their own punchbowl.

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