Friday, July 8, 2011

Arabian Nights Playlist

Click here for an hour-long playlist of songs for an Arabian Nights party. These songs will get you into a sultry groove and are a perfect accompaniment to hot summer nights and Moroccan mint tea. Enjoy!

(And thank you @BigM for figuring out how to ping and teaching me how!)

Here's the track list:

1. Prana Shakti/Desert Dwellers
2. Nomad/Niraj Chag
3. Desert (Thievery Corporation Remix)/Emilie Simon
4. Opal/Adham Shaikh
5. One Step Beyond/Karsh Kale
6. Bakara/Hans Zimmer
7. Montuno Norteno/Jomed
8. Jim I Nim/Moroccan Spirit
9. Ansari/Tartit
10. Ya Rayah (Sonar Remix)/Dahmane El Harrachi
11. Intil Waheeda/Hisham Abbas


  1. If you don't start using one space between sentences instead of two, I am boycotting this blog.

    And, among other things, it's iTunes, not itunes. You're killing me here.

  2. Hell, I volunteer to proofread for free and/or move a lot of heavy furniture and supplies as party prep in return for some of that frenzy-inducing peanut-butter popcorn and a frozen mint daiquiri! :P

  3. Matty, the day itunes deserves my respect, I will capitalize as many letters as you want. And mystery commentor, paying people in food is my specialty. I look forward to doing business with you.