Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, America!

I have a present for you: this shiny new blog.

America, it has not been a whole lot fun being you lately. Money, tight. Times, hard. It's tough to find a reason to celebrate - which is why you must.

Forget waiting for the economic upturn - parties are the way we can weather the current storm system.

From awesome themes that require more creativity than capital, to clever money-saving tips and ways to feed an army without needing congressional approval, this blog is here to help. Recipes, playlists, advice for dealing with party guests trying to make out on your bed - you'll find it all here. Together we will put recess back into recession.

The Bashionista would like to thank three comrades without whom this blog would not be possible. Matt Marrone - who helped come up with the title - and Craig Maher, who are currently slaving in the Marrones' basement to help me design a layout for your feasting eyes, instead of watching fireworks and drinking cocktails. And Darin Woolpert who channelled the artist formally known as Prince to come up with the tagline in a flash of genius.

Party on, America.