Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Throw Down: Fantastic Mr. Fox Movie Night

If you haven’t seen Fantastic Mr. Fox, you should. The voice work is superb, the dialogue clever, the characters instantly endearing,  and best of all, you get to spend some time living in the world of Wes Anderson – a world that seems a lot like the present day, but with ‘70’s technology.  A world I like to think of as Vinylpunk.
Might I suggest organizing a movie night around this fine film?
Movie nights can be as easy as emailing a few friends, renting a video on your way home, and throwing some popcorn in the popper. If you want to make it a very special evening, consider serving food that appears in the film. Here are a few favorites:

In Fantastic Mr. Fox, the menu practically writes itself. The villains, Boggis, Bunce and Bean, are each obsessed with eating one thing:  chicken, goosemeat donuts, and hard cider, respectively. I recommend throwing a big bag of Tyson’s chicken fingers in the oven and setting them out on a platter with a little mustard for dipping in. Goosemeat donuts are a tall order – if you happen to live near a Chinese bakery, pork buns make a great stand-in. If you don’t, consider resorting to actual donuts – or jelly donut-holes. Be sure to offer guests a choice of hard or soft cider.  A big bowl of apples is also in order, as the animals are usually crunching away on them when they are not actively engaged in stealing from the villains. 

Once everyone has a beverage and the food is comfortably within reach, hit play.  Invite people to sip and munch along with the characters - it's a food and drinking game!
If you feel like getting ambitious, here are a few more food items you might want to present as they appear on screen:

Minute 37: Mr. Bean is on the news and his fat slob of a son is eating chocolate cake. Break open a box of Hostess individually-wrapped cupcakes, and toss them at your viewers.

Minute 47: Banquet scene. Bring out a tray with crackers pre-topped with cheese, one per person, or pop the cork on some champagne at Minute 49.
Minute 48: Ash and Kristofferson break into the Beans’ and are distracted by Mrs. Bean’s Famous Nutmeg Ginger Applesnaps. Follow this link to the recipe adapted by Mario Batali on Wes Anderson’s website.
1: 17: In the final scene, the animals have broken into the supermarket. Pass around juiceboxes and join them in a big, slurpy toast.
After the movie ends and people are lingering, bring out the rest of the fancy cheese and crackers for snacking on. Consider bringing out some board games and spinning some 70’s vinyl – or a playlist of Wes Anderson soundtrack songs. Get cozy!


  1. We are throwing a Fantastic Mr. Fox party next week and I can't wait to try out these great ideas. Thanks!