Friday, August 5, 2011

Ole! Playlist

Click here for the Ole! playlist - designed for your next chili cook-off. It ranges from sultry deliciousness to fiery rock - and in between, the dance rhythms are perfect for flitting about in your kitchen looking for your potholder. These are songs to switch on when you're prettying yourself up for going out, and songs to crank when your best friend shows up with a case of Negro Modelo. Happy weekend!

Here's the tracklist:

1)The Floating Bed/Elliot Goldenthal
2) Esa Noche/Cafe Tacuba
3) Sotarlo/Claudia Gomez
4) Voce/Cyl Fargeney & Norma Bengell
5) Suavecito/Malo
6) The Call/Cantoma
7) Me Gustas Tu/Manu Chao
8) El Conejo/Los Cojolites
9) De Camino a la Vereda/Buena Vista Social Club
10) Para Ti Nengon/Hilario Duran
11) Barcelona Nights/Ottmar Liebert
12) Pistolero/Juno Reactor
13) No Quiero Nada Mas/Sancti Spiritus
14) Jogando Capoiera/Beatfanatic
15) Matador/Los Fabulosos Cadillacs

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