Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ruby's Roasted Roots

And the grand prize winner of the Iron Chef Competition is: Susan Rubin! Here's her award-winning recipe:

Enjoy a trip to a local farm stand and collect some of your favorite root vegetables -- mine are sweet potatoes, beets, parsnips, carrots, and fingerling potatoes, but you can try rutabagas, onions, and turnips as well. For Battle Squash, I added butternut squash.

1. Preheat oven to 400°F.

2. Peel and chop veggies into small cubes.

3. Arrange veggies on baking tray or in large oven-safe casserole dish (as long as it's large enough to spread 'em into one layer) and and drizzle generously with extra-virgin olive oil. Toss to coat veggies evenly.

4. Sprinkle with salt and spices. Sage and/or rosemary work really well. I topped mine off with a fresh sprig of rosemary.

5. Roast, uncovered, for approx. 30-40* minutes, until veggies are tender and browning nicely on the outside. Sugars of the root veggies will begin to caramelize. Be sure to stir and turn vegetables occasionally as they cook.

*Cooking time depends on size of veggie cubes -- keep checking progress.

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