Monday, August 29, 2011

Sweet Irene Playlist

So Hurricane Irene hit this past Sunday afternoon - right smack in the middle of my CD Mix Swap. Instead of party planning, I spent most of the weekend hurricane planning . . . which isn't all that different from party planning in that I did a lot of food and beer shopping. However, since this was my very first hurricane, I wanted to be extra prepared. Cooler: Filled with ice. Bathtub: Filled with water. Every pitcher in the house: Also filled with water. Backyard and porch furniture, including grill, garbage pails and my burgeoning herb garden: now in basement. I was set! I also went a little overboard and created little emergency pods under four tables - Just In Case windows blew out and we'd need to shelter from flying glass, we could huddle under metal folding tables or wood coffee tables, all covered with heavy blankets folded underneath the table legs, and stocked with comfortable bedding. Apparently I have seen too many Michael Bay movies. But still, I felt better knowing I had my grown-up table forts at the ready.

To my surprise, nine people dragged themselves over! We swapped CDs and munched on peanut butter popcorn. I got Kristopher Moreau's CD in the swap, and as promised, he will be TheBashionista's very first guest DJ! His mix, Sweet Irene, is downloadable on iTunes.

Here's the tracklist:
1. Set Fire to the Rain/ADELE
2. Electrical Storm/U2
3. Famous Blue Raincoat/Jonathan Coulton
4. Rock You Like a Hurricane/Scorpions
5. Walk on the Water/David Byrne
6. Raining in My Heart/Graham Nash
7. Flood/Jars of Clay
8. Rainy Days and Mondays/The Carpenters
9. Hurricane/Panic! At the Disco
10. All Up the Seething Coast/The Mountain Goats
11. After the Storm/Mumford & Sons
12. Sweet Irene the Disco Queen/Christine Lavin
13. Fury of the Storm/Dragonforce
14. Dark Water/Tiger City
15. Hurricane/Something Corporate
16. Talula/Tori Amos
17. Emotional Weather Report/Tom Waits


  1. That's what that table fortress was?

  2. Umm. Yeah?

    I dreamed them up hours before the storm hit, thinking that if things got really scary, I would rather spend the night under a table than in my bed imagining that a tree was going to crash through the ceiling onto my face.