Monday, October 3, 2011

Summer of Sam Photo Gallery

Rachel's incredibly lifelike afro is the perfect
costume accessory.

When I threw my Summer of Sam birthday party, I was amazed at the costumes people came up with. I felt like I was in a Cameron Crowe movie. Check out these costumes and get inspired!

One of the props we had was a handgun - it was a serial killer party, after all.


The - still functional! - 30-year-old phone from my parents' house saw a lot of action.

Rodney grew his facial hair specifically
for this party. My hero!

Ladies looked lovely with great vintage finds and fun accessories.
Guys sported form-fitting plaid pants, or rocked classic black biker jackets.
Indisputable fact: Girls look adorable wearing classic oversized headphones.
Oh, don't mind us - we're just hanging out in a record store, circa 1977.

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