Friday, September 2, 2011

Superhero Masquerade Playlist

Here is the playlist to get your Superhero party rolling. It starts out chill and works its way up to a great payoff. Along the way are some real gems - enjoy!

This mix is also great if you're trying to impress a bunch of nerds around the gaming table, or tapping your feet as you paint your tiny Warhammer figurines.

Here's the tracklist:
1. Superman/Five for Fighting
2. Strongest Man in the World/Menomena
3. Flash's Theme/Queen
4. Iron Man/Ozzy Osbourne
5. Jimmy Olsen's Blues/Spindoctors
6. Kryptonite/3 Doors Down
7. Incredibles: Road Trip/Missile Lock/Road Trip//The City of Prague Philharmonic
8. Batman/TV Theme
9. Spiderman/TV Theme
10. Superman: Prologue and Main Title/John Williams
11. Star Wars: Main Title/A Galaxy Divided/ Kevin Kliner & John Williams
12. Kung Fu Panda: Hero/ Hans Zimmer & John Powell
13. Greatest American Hero Theme/Joey Scarbury
14. Labyrinth: Magic Dance/David Bowie
15. Holding Out for a Hero/Bonnie Tyler