Monday, September 5, 2011

Superhero Photo Gallery

As promised, here is a photogallery of some of the fantastic costumes my friends came up with at our recent Superhero Masquerade. Feast your eyes!

Holy cow! It's Wonder Woman, complete
with her lasso of truth. Gold headpiece
and cuffs made from fabric she picked up.

I borrowed my friend's enormous bra and
stuffed it with four pairs of balled up
pantyhose. I'm wearing dance tights,
skirted bikini bottom, and a blonde wig
that I have gotten a ton of mileage out of.

Shannon (pictured right) constructed this costume and
sceptor. She's dressed as Codex from The Guild.


I don't know where he found those Geordi
Laforge glasses, but they really transform
him into Cyclops.

Woah. The Silver Fox here made his own
mask, bought the cape and gloves, and
happens to own some serious workout gear.

KaBLAMMO! My dastardly boyfriend designed his own icon,
affixed here to his chest.


  1. I couldn't stop starring at your pantyhose

  2. Who, me? Hah! Dance tights are my secret crime-fighting weapon.

  3. Place the photograph stall in a territory of the gathering where it won't meddle with different occasions like the cake cutting or moving.