Monday, October 17, 2011

Steampunk Photo Gallery

Feast your eyes on these simply splendid Steampunk costumes!

Some people completely outdid themselves. Linda Lea took a page out of Rasputina's book for this outfit. She's wearing a dress over a skirt, both artfully gathered, boots with that classic Victorian heel, a form-fitting top, a lacey ruffle necklace she threw together, and a top hat over some very Rasputiney braids. A whole lot of steam, and a nice bit of punk. And Paul looks dashing in two pieces of a three-piece suit. Most of the guys were rocking vests and the adhesive mustaches I picked up.

Katie's costume was ingenious, and I believe it all came out of her closet. A lacey white top, one satin skirt artfully gathered into a can-can skirt, great lace-up boots, and best of all, a holster for her pistol way up her thigh.

Jenn constructed unbelievable costumes for herself and Jon - I can only imagine how much time this took.

Jon's got an aviator's cap and leather-rimmed goggles, and that pipe is classic. His cravat, watch fob, and homemade wrist-guards full of gadgets steal the show. Suddenly he's not just a guy wearing a leather jacket and khakis - he's a Victorian man riding a fast aeroplane to the FUTURE.

Here's a shot of Jenn from the back.

Jenn has her own astonishing wristguard and matching watchfob. That gorgeous, tailored plush vest is covering the bit of bustle she constructed, and last but not least, she's built a hat to match, complete with feathers, lace and gears, which appear to be watch parts.

Fear not! You don't need to have professional costuming experience to put together your own steampunk look. My costume was pretty simple to put together. I splurged on some little booties with a Victorian heel - booties which I wear all the time now. I borrowed a floor-length bridesmaid's dress, and folded the bodice down inside the skirt, so it appeared to be a full satin skirt. I happen to have an antique blouse, which I wore under an H&M vest I've had in my closet for years. I punked it up with an aviatrix hat which I picked up for cheap at an Army Navy surplus store.

Goggles and a vest? Instant steampunk.
Shannon is on an adventure! Sweeet holster for her
ray gun, totally hot leather cincher, Victorian key
around her neck, and googles for high speed travel.
What better time for an antique mink stole than at a
party that takes place about 100 years before
PETA was establisehd?
Way to rock that vest and watch chain, Rob!

Craig's armband and cravat are great touches.

Ladies, get ready for some sexy corseting!

Jane is giving me Victorian boot envy.

And Fish's pointy lace-up boots should help her
evade the clutches of Jack the Ripper.

Heyyyyo, mustache party!


  1. Where did Katie get her boots?? I'd love to know the brand. been looking g for that exact style for a long time.

  2. Here's what Katie says:

    Believe it or not, Payless. They were back in style a few years ago and being a history teacher, I figured I'd use them for some sort of reenactment eventually so I snapped them up. But it was years ago....on the up side, that means the 90s should be coming back any old day now, so granny boots will be back on the shelves eventually...except now they'll probably have a trampy 7-inch heel and a platform under the toe...

  3. thank you so much.. yeah they probably will have 7 inch heels with platform under the toe... yeesh