Monday, October 24, 2011

Stole My Heart Playlist

Here's a playlist  I made for a friend who was determined to turn his life around. It's about having a heart that's been broken plenty of times before. It's about being in the trenches and singing the blues, about having hope for new beginnings, and about giving your current situation a little shake-down. A little moody, a little edgy, but always listenable, this playlist works as background music to a housewarming or a thoughtful walk through crunching autumn leaves.

Here's the tracklist:
1. Love Will Tear Us Apart/Joy Division
2. I Turn My Camera On/Spoon
3. Nothing Ever Happened/Deerhunter
4. Nothing to You/Two Gallants
5. F*ck and Run/Liz Phair
6. Bullets/Tunng
7. Strongest Man in the World/Menomena
8. Ghosts/Ladytron
9. Werewolf/Coco Rosie
10. Stole My Heart/Little & Ashley
11. Cape Canaveral/Conor Oberst
12. Your Hand in Mine/Explosions in the Sky

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