Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Throw Down: Gluten-Free Housewarming

Gluten-free pizza!
 When my roommate moved in, we wanted to do something special to celebrate and at the same time get her situated. I already have loads and loads of kitchen stuff, but my roommate can't eat gluten, and she really wanted some new, pristine kitchen items that she could keep gluten-free - especially items like plastic cutting boards, to which gluten clings tenaciously, and a toaster.

We decided to throw a gluten-free housewarming. For one night we would create a gluten-free paradise, educate our friends about how food doesn't need to have gluten to be incredibly delicious, and in return we'd ask for a little something towards the housewarming effort.

My roommate created a wish list - basically, a housewarming registry. Guests were encouraged to check out the list if they were so inspired, or gift her a gluten-free cookbook. No time or money to shop for a gift? No problem - guests were told they could just leave a small donation. I got a tall, thin box, we wrapped it in gift wrap, cut a donation slot in the top, and wrote on the outside: When I grow up, I'm going to be a gluten-free bread machine!

Click here for a playlist that will get your party cookin', and click here for a tutorial on how not to poison the gluten-free people in your life.

Sample Menu

Featured Beverage: Woodchuck Hard Apple Cider
Little known and upsetting fact: Beer contains gluten! So drown your sorrows in some tasty hard cider - it'll do the trick.

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