Monday, October 31, 2011

A Very Coen Brothers Halloween

Happy Halloween everybody! As promised in Friday's Burn After Reading article, my Halloween prezzie to you is a costume gallery of Coen Brothers characters. Most of these are pretty simply done - perfect for throwing a Coen Brothers movie night, or if you're having trouble coming up with a last-minute costume idea for tonight.

H.I. McDunnough - Raising Arizona

Have questionable facial hair and killer sideburns? Consider throwing on a Hawaiian shirt over an old wife-beater, and you're most of the way there. A little mug-shot placard could do the trick here. Alternatively, you could put a pair of pantyhose over your head and run around with an economy-size package of pampers.

This is a great family costume - get your wife to dress as an 80's housewife or lady cop, and carry your little blond baby around all night.

Feeling lazy? Throw on a suit and bring a hula hoop - instant Norville Barnes.
Norville Barnes - The Hudsucker Proxy
Hey, ladies! Having an unseasonably cold Halloween? Pregnant and starting to show? Now is your perfect chance to throw on a khaki suit and a parka, and throw a sheriff's star on a fur-lined hat with ear flaps.
Marge Gunderson - Fargo
The best group costume? There are so many Big Lebowski options. Vaguely resemble an overweight stoner beach bum? How about a stocky Vietnam vet with a short fuse and a penchant for cargo shorts?

Walter and the Dude
The Dude and Maude
Ladies, might I suggest dressing like fantasy-Maude? Or guys, I would truly love to see Jesus if you can swing the purple jumpsuit, bowling shoes and hairnet.
Don't fuck with the Jesus

O Brother, Where Art Thou is another favorite of mine. If you and a couple of your bros are stuck on a costume, all you need is to rustle up some striped pajamas and a liberal amount of pomade. Or you can get a cheap ZZ Top beard and some coveralls and go as a Foggy Bottom Boy.

Ever see No Country for Old Men? Then you know how terrifying a combover pageboy and a denim tuxedo can be. Bonus points if you fabricate your own cattle bolt.

Anton Chigur - No Country for Old Men

Hugh as Anton Chigur - basically my inspiration for
for this entire post

Finally, one of my faves. I have always wanted to dress up as Linda Litzke - blond wig, red Hardbodies shirt. And I wouldn't say no to a sports-drinking, frosted-haired, fist-pumping, headphone- wearing Chad Feldheimer as my date.

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