Monday, November 28, 2011

Portrait of an Italian Thanksgiving

Here's a little photoessay I like to call: How I Gained 5 Pounds in One Afternoon. My thanks to Doug Pollock for exhaustive use of his iPhone.

Look at that spread!! That little lady on the bottom left is clam dip . . . guhhhhh. So good. We've got sliced salami. We've got glad corn. Mango avocado salsa. A professional-grade cheese board complete with sliced pears, a beet rosette, dates, and wasabi peas. As if that wasn't enough, we've got some olives and tapenade with bread.

Dear pears, meet your betrothed . . .
you and this hunk of cheese are going
to be very happy together.

The high art of beet presentation.

Wasabi peas . . . ZING!

Fresh artisinal bread.

Bar starting line-up. Cousin Lauren was mixing
some outrageous dark & stormies.
First course! Dad's mulligatawny soup with apples.
Let the feasting truly begin! Here's some stuffing
and some candied sweet potatoes - mom's specialty.
Beets & lovely mustard greens.

Susan looks suspicious of Uncle Bob. Or turkey. Or both.
Mashed potatoes, brussells sprouts, cranberry sauce.
Lauren also makes a mean caffe coretto.
Pies: Aunt Sue's pumpkin and Susan Lynne's
vegan blueberry.
Aunt Sue's apple pie and Lisa's lime squares. Yum!!
Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Damn, I'm getting hungry all over again!

  2. wow, those brussel sprouts look like they're on another level. got a recipe?

  3. They were phenomenal! Let me ask my cousin and get back to you.