Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Flashdance Electric Boogaloo Photo Gallery

Flashdance Electric Boogaloo inspired some amazing costumes. All the major 80's stereotypes were represented! Here's a photo gallery to inspire your own totally 80's outfit. And if you only have an hour to throw a costume together, remember: a handful of clunky accessories can go an awfully long way.  

I covet this sexy, shoulder-revealing top! But it's
the awesome accessories that make the outfit.

Think corporate casual with a carefree, Me Generation attitude.

Surely, you have a pink collar that needs poppin'?

Dudes, feel free to mix casual wear with skinny ties, or t-shirts with suit jackets. The 80's wanted to bend the rules of formalwear, but were too afraid to break them.

I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can, so I can . . .

This party will make you glad you kept your acid-wash denim tuxedo and oversized glasses.

Ladies, you've got long, ripped jean shorts, headbands, white tennis shoes and sweater vests. I think this is what preppies wear to casual Fridays . . . or maybe to the youth group car wash?

Atheletic-wear was a huge fad - then and now.

The best accessory you can wear
is a douchy attitude.

Prom formalwear, intense eyeshadow and
a superior expression. The 80's have arrived!

For my Flashdance costume, I crimped my hair,
chopped the neck off that sweater, put on some spanx, cut the feet
off my dance tights and taped my feet.

I love these material girls. Charm necklaces!
Legwarmers! Awesome.

Susan came as Corey Haim. Dreamy!

These guys floored me - Michelle wore legitimately
vintage stuff AND bleached her hair. Angus GAVE
HIMSELF A MOHAWK and when he couldn't fit
in his high school rock & roll pants, he sewed himself
a codpiece so they'd fit. And of course, 80's prom queen
Luna was the life of the party.

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