Monday, December 26, 2011

REM Funeral Party Playlist

When we threw the REM Funeral Party, Craig Maher made himself this playlist of REM songs to get himself pumped up - and to remind himself why he liked REM in the first place. This is a nostalgic little trip, mainly through the 80's - click here to download on iTunes.

This is a great mix for standing around reminiscing with friends, or for walking through the city with a spring in your step. Here's the track list and the albums the songs appear on:

1. Carnival of Sorts/Chronic Town
2. Radio Free Europe/Murmur
3. 7 Chinese Brothers/Reckoning
4. Feeling Gravity's Pull/Fables of the Reconstruction
5. Driver 8/Fables of the Reconstruction
6. Begin the Begin/Life's Rich Pageant
7. Underneath the Bunker/Life's Rich Pageant
8. Swan Swan H./Life's Rich Pageant
9. Voice of Harold/Dead Letter Office
10. Burning Hell/Dead Letter Office
11. Ages of You/Dead Letter Office
12. Walter's Theme/Dead Letter Office
13. Finest Worksong/Document
14. Oddfellows Local 151/Document
15. Orange Crush/Green
16. Untitled/Green
17. Try Not to Breathe/Automatic for the People
18. Nightswimming/Automatic for the People
19. Electrolite/New Adventures in Hi-Fi

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