Thursday, December 22, 2011

Throw Down: REM Funeral

This is an awesome idea that I can in no way take credit for. Matt Marrone is the biggest R.E.M. fanboy I know - he fell in love with them during the Automatic for the People days, moderated an R.E.M. chatroom at for over a decade, saw them live a dozen times, and dragged me all the way to Athens, GA in a compact car way back when so we could tour the town where they got their start . . . and unexpectedly wound up eating the next table over from Michael Stipe.

When R.E.M. broke up this past fall, Matt felt compelled to give them a decent burial. And so the R.E.M. Funeral came to be. It doesn't hurt that Matt has an impressive collection of everything R.E.M. - vinyl, bootlegs, merch, documentaries and video compilations, fan club mailings, and even a Burger King crown that was plucked off Matt's head by Michael Stipe himself and worn for the better part of a song while Matt sat in the front row, trying not to pass out from sheer joy.

Click here for a kickass R.E.M. playlist that's heavy on the 80's stuff you might be missing. And join us Tuesday for an R.E.M. trivia game designed by Matt - and scaled for three levels of fans; newbies, casual fans, and grand masters.

Setting the Stage

Matt spent the month before the party gathering memorabilia on ebay to add to his already formidable stockpile. Then he spent a couple days before the party arranging things around his apartment. Here's a little slide show:
This is a promotional bop bag from the Monster tour.
The aforementioned Burger King crown

We had candy that appears in R.E.M. lyrics . . .
. . . and Orange Crush.
We also made southern food - like Maker's Mark pecan pie.
How cool is this New Adventures in Hi-Fi viewmaster??
That there is the sweatshirt just like the one M. Stipe wears in What's the Frequency, Kenneth?
Stack of vinyl at the ready
Our friend Steph Luzzi's dad sent this sympathy card. Hah!

Sample Menu
As I said, we wanted to serve the kind of food that would make the boys from Athens feel right at home. Here's what we served up:

Featured Cocktail: Mojitos


  1. That Pecan pie will go down in history as one of the best ever!

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