Friday, January 27, 2012

Goldfinger Photo Gallery

For my Goldfinger Birthday Party, I cleared a space on my landing and called it the photobooth. Guests could choose to stand in front of a Union Jack (if they were more aligned with James Bond or the mods) or in front of a big hippie tapestry. They were also invited to make a selection from the prop table. I shot everyone using my Fuji Instax camera, and then the pictures went into a photo album. Guests were asked to sign and answer the question: Do you think your parents smoked weed in the '60s? Don't worry, Friends' Parents, I'll never tell.

I love how these pictures turned out! And it definitely helped that the costumes people showed up in were so rad. Adorable mod dresses, dramatic flowing hippie gowns, men looking sharp - it was a visual banquet. I wore a borrowed dress with a skirt so short it was almost criminal - can't do that every day!

Here's a little photo gallery:

First, some mod ladies for you to feast your eyes on:

How would you like your cocktail, Mr. Bond?

With the right pistol, anyone can be a Bond villain.

Katie's working the bowler hat.
Mad Men inspired me to pick up some candy cigarettes as props.

Kristen, 8 months pregnant, pulls off a nice Betty Draper here.

We had our fair share of Bond villains . . .

. . . and some 007s

Some people channelled the Mad Men vibe . . .

. . . and others came with their hippie freak flags flying:
We had one Beatnik . . .

. . . and one cast member of the Lawrence Welk show.

Even Dick Nixon showed up!

Everyone else had fun with props:

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