Thursday, January 19, 2012

If You Liked Anchorman . . .

The Anchorman movie night was a success - and one of the reasons this movie is a perennial favorite of mine is that it's jam-packed with some of the funniest actors working today. If you're looking to round out your netflix queue here are some movies I highly recommend.

If you like Steve Carell . . .

rent Crazy, Stupid, Love
 And not just because it's a Gosfest (though it's true, I kicked off an entire week of drooling over Ryan Gosling by watching this movie - twice). Steve Carell's evolution is actually jaw-dropping. As romantic comedy scenarios go, it's downright Shakespearean. And there are some knock-out one-liners that alone are worth the price of admission.

If you like Paul Rudd . . .

rent I Love You, Man.
 Again, this movie has a great premise that you don't hear enough about; how is a dude without any guy friends supposed to get through life? As a lady with plenty of guy friends who seem to get along best with women, this movie rang true for me. Favorite moment: When Rudd goes from grunting along with the guys around the water cooler, then turns the corner and zing! he is transformed by his lady co-workers who he can actually have a conversation with.

If you like Will Ferrell . . .
rent Step Brothers.
I have probably watched this movie a dozen times. It kills me. Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are a couple of manchildren living at home at the age of 40 - their parents marry, you laugh your face off. What slays me about this movie is that despite the absurdity of the premise, the things coming out of their grown-ass mouths are exactly the things a 12-year-old boy would blurt out at the height of his awkward phase.

If you like Kathryn Hahn, rent Revolutionary Road.
You were probably expecting me to say The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard. She does steal the show, but it isn't a show worth stealing. She's also hilarious in Step Brothers, which I am already ordering you to watch. Revolutionary Road however, is intense, and a completely different (read: serious) role for Hahn. And it's mesmerizing watching Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio in a dark pairing, so different from their first one on Titanic.

If you like Fred Armisen, watch Portlandia.
Fred Armisen is teaming up with Carrie Brownstein for a second season of Portlandia - the little sketch comedy show that makes it easy for crunchy, hippie liberals to laugh at even crunchier hippie liberals.

If you like Seth Rogen . . .
rent Superbad.
Ahh, Seth Rogen. He's come a long way since operating the camera for a cat fashion show. Superbad makes me laugh so hard my face hurts. Rogen wrote this movie and it made people realize he was a force to be reckoned with.

If you like David Koechner . . .
rent Thank You for Smoking.
This movie chronicles the dramatic rise, fall and resurrection of a tobacco lobbyist. It's funny, edgy, and sharply written. Koechner plays a gun lobbyist - the two bond over being some of the most villified men in America.

And finally, if you like Fred Willard . . .
rent Waiting for Guffman.
Guffman is a classic Christopher Guest mockumentary that is chilling in its sad accuracy. Willard and Catherine O'Hara are guaranteed to make you cringe.

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