Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Katie & Rob's Summer Camp Wedding

These two are ever-enthusiastic costume-party-goers.
Katie Taylor & Rob Guptill were married this past September at Geneva Point Center in Moultonborough, NH, in a ceremony on the banks of Lake Winnipesaukee. It was a full weekend of great times with their many friends and loved ones - summer camp for grown-ups. By a weird coincidence, when they searched for camp venues this was one of the first to pop up - the very camp where Katie was once a camper!

Click here for 10 tips from Katie & Rob for planning a fun and memorable wedding. Click here to read all about their menu AND get the recipe for Katie's Flourless Chocolate Cake. The link to download a playlist of their favorite songs to get people dancing is right here. And finally, here is a link to the photo gallery - their wedding story in 20 pictures.

Always last to leave the dance floor.
But first, let me introduce Katie & Rob. We've been close friends for ages, but I sat down to interview them over dinner at their house, and loved hearing them retell their story.

Rob met Katie at a mutual friend's birthday party. He remembers, "At some point, Katie butted into the conversation . . ." and Katie chimes in, "And then Rob cornered me for the next 2 hours . . . We were talking about global poverty - which was why I didn't know I was being hit on!"

They go on to tell me that hope was nearly lost when Rob was seated far away from Katie at the sit-down dinner, and then Katie got an urgent call from a friend and rushed out of the party to help her out. But inexplicably, at 11pm, crisis averted, Katie felt she should go back to the party.

Performing together in a cabaret revue.
Rob describes himself as the world's worst flirter, but when he saw Katie walk back in, he knew he had to get her number.

Their first date was at Boston's MFA, and everything just started falling into place. Katie moved in five months later. Rob says, "If we hadn't, it wouldn't have worked. Katie is a workaholic! I barely saw her while she was teaching. But the timing was fortuitous." Katie had just returned from traveling around the world, was about to start a new teaching job, and didn't have too much trouble getting out of her lease.

Embarking on the dreaded raft trip.
I ask when Rob knew he was going to propose. "When Katie told me," he laughs. Then he admits that the disastrous trip they took to Alaska set him back a bit. They found themselves stuck on a raft in the arctic wilderness for about a week; wet, freezing, and pretty miserable. The worst part was that this was the one part of the trip that Rob had planned: "We spent a month's salary on the worst part of the trip. It was cold, wet, and there were no animals but mosquitos for six days! We are never going anywhere she's cold ever again on vacation." They both laugh. In all seriousness, he continues, "Learning what we did about each other from Alaska was important. A bad trip teaches you a lot about a person the way a good vacation won't. We tend to discuss our problems - we discuss them to death!" They agree that this is a good thing. And Katie says, "Rob learned to duck when I'm in problem-solving mode." 

They had talked about marriage, but Rob wanted the proposal to be really romantic and meaningful for Katie. She grew up studying ballet and performing at the Lebanon Opera House in New Hampshire. They had a trip scheduled to see The Nutcracker, which one of Katie's childhood friends was choreographing. Afterwards, Katie planned to give Rob a tour of the wings and back stage. What she didn't know was that Rob had gotten her friends to set up a dozen roses, and flickering (non-flammable!) tealights on the stage. Katie says, "I'm gabbing about lighting boards, and Rob is suddenly, like, Come Here." They walked out on stage, Nutcracker snow gently falling, and Rob proposed to Katie in front of her closest friends.


  1. Awww! Love it, love them, love you! Good story.

  2. As the friend who introduced them, I take total credit :-) No, not really, but it still makes me smile to think they were just two random friends I invited to my birthday party!

  3. whaaaaat...that proposal story made me tear up completely. amazing. best of luck (although it seems that absolutely do not need it in the least!) to them both.

  4. I know, right? Such a sweet, grand gesture.