Thursday, January 12, 2012

Throwdown: Anchorman Movie Night

I remember the second time I saw Anchorman. I was on an airplane. It didn't matter that I had seen it before - the phone booth scene had me silent-laughing so hard I nearly cracked my head open on the seat in front of me. This movie is embedded deep in the 1970s, a world so stylish and sexist you'd hardly recognize it. With outstanding comedic performances and appearances by just about the entire frat pack, this movie is turn-of-the-millennium gold.

Why not invite your friends over and have a movie night? Renting or streaming the movie, popping some popcorn - it couldn't be simpler. However, if you want to get a little more elaborate, why not serve food as it appears in the movie?

Below I'll give you a breakdown of all the food that is guest-starring in this picture - choose to offer as many of these items as you like. Click here for an Anchorman-inspired playlist that you can throw on after the movie when it's time to mingle. And click here for some fodder for your Netflix queue - a list of my favorite movies featuring actors from this movie.

You'll want to make or buy all your food ahead of time so you can just pop it in the oven and serve at the right moment. Fondue ingredients can be thrown together in a pot well in advance, and then gently melted before serving. If you feel like serving chicken, you could bread and fry your own chicken and then reheat it which is admirable but difficult, or try a bag of Tyson's chicken fingers, which are quite good and completely simple to make. Burritos are the most iconic food item - if you've got a decent burrito place near you, there's no shame in buying a few, warming them in the oven and slicing them into individual servings.

"Milk was a bad choice."
 When your friends arrive, invite them to get comfortable and make their drink selections. You may choose to stock your bar with the following: Scotch (specifically Glenlivet, if we're going for realism here); your beer of choice and/or Miller Genuine Draft and Schlitz; a cocktail of your choice; white wine; coffee; hot cocoa; milk - preferably if you can somehow get it in those little school lunch containers. Then give each person a plate and a cloth napkin . . . and roll tape!

Minute 17: The Channel 4 News Team is walking around eating ice cream cones in the hot sun.

Minute 31: Ron Burgundy orders up some Glenlivit and cheese.

Minute 42: Ron Burgundy and Veronica Corningstone are on a fondue date. Here's a link to my go-to cheese fondue recipe.

Minute 43: The Channel 4 News Team is none too happy about Ron's new ladyfriend. They tell him so over bag lunch at the station. I recommend bringing out a bowl of bananas so people can help themselves.

Minute 47: Invite your guests to toss their burritos out of a moving car.

1:11: Time for some Schlitz and chicken.

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