Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins Photo Gallery

Looking for ideas for superlatives for your Seven Deadly Sins party? We came up with 30 categories and voted by secret ballot - what better way to evoke Envy than a popularity contest? Here is a photo gallery of the winners - feel free to steal these superlatives or make up your own!

Brad Reed: WINNER: Most Opinionated and Most Politically Savvy
Elissa Jordan: WINNER: Best Dance Moves
Laurie Fisher: WINNER: Best Laugh and Most Generous
Jason Tennis: WINNER: Best Hair and Biggest Computer Geek
Kristina Horacek: WINNER: Best Smile and Nicest Legs
Rishi Basu: WINNER: Best Singing Voice and Most Cultured
Kristina & Rishi: WINNERS: Most Photogenic
Shannon Daly: WINNER: Most Hilarious

Lauren Vitale: WINNER: Biggest Hippie and Most Trendy

Linda Lea Wells: WINNER: Most Brilliant
Hugh Beckett: WINNER: Best Bartender and Most Rock & Roll
Liz Doran: WINNER: Best Cook, Most Athletic, Most Creative, Most Flexible and Most Outgoing
Patrick: WINNER: Most Emo and Hottest Tattoo

Rob Riley: WINNER: Most Adventurous and Nicest Eyes

Steve Toland: WINNER: Most Likely to Succeed and Most Likely to Win a Bar Fight


  1. Liz, Kristina, and Rishi, the 3 I know, are wonderful beyond compare.

  2. Aww, thanks, anonymous, whoever you are!