Monday, March 19, 2012

Throw Down: Seven Deadly Sins

Shannon & Kristopher, looking wrathful
 Wrath and Greed, Sloth and Gluttony, Vanity, Envy and Lust. As sins they may be deadly, but as party fouls go, these are par for the course. Why not embrace the fallibility of man and throw a most excellent party?

Click here for a lusty little dance mix. And join us Wednesday when we unveil the winners of the Seven Deadly Sins superlatives - more on that in a minute.

First, let's set up your venue. When I threw this party in my apartment, I made little hand-written signs in my best Catholic school penmanship, labeling each room at the top of the doorframe.

What better way to make people sick with envy than to have them vie for superlatives? On the landing outside my apartment door, I set up a little photobooth area, and snapped pictures of each guest with a polaroid (today I would use my Fuji Instax), then labeled them and pinned them to a corkboard so everyone would know who everyone else was. Each guest was then given a ballot with a number of superlatives, and they got to vote for the winners in a multitude of categories. Important note: depending on the size of your party, tallying votes can take a really long time, even if you have a doting boyfriend who is willing to take a long break from partying to tally them in your room. So you might want to do yourself a favor and limit the number of categories to 10 or so. We had superlatives such as: Most Creative, Most Considerate, Most Generous, Most Opinionated, Most Hilarious, Most Photogenic, Best Bartender, Best Dance Moves, Best Hair, and Biggest Hippie.

Jason & Fish, King & Queen of Sloth
I loved turning my front porch into a den of sloth. I laid out blankets on the floor and set out floor pillows for lounging on, and set up a table with trays of ring dings and other stoner-type desserts.

The living room was completely taken over by a banquet of party foods. To the right of the door was a full bar, and the coffee table was laden with savory dishes.

My dining room was converted into a dimly lit dance floor. We moved one tv into the room and played a loop of antique porn movies from the last century, and then hot current dance videos.

The bathroom was the obvious location for vanity. Apart from labeling the door, we set up a little preening station, with cosmetics for ladies, and combs, little samplers of Axe body spray and breathmints for the guys. The baskets had little signs saying, "Tart yourselves up, ladies!" and "Look your best, gents!"

Wrath and Greed
Admittedly the toughest sins to plan for, especially since we lacked the square footage for a Fight Club, we set up the kitchen table for gambling, and moved our second tv onto a folding table, and played violent movies . . . like Fight Club.

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