Monday, April 23, 2012

20,000th Pageview Celebration!

In honor of this website's 20,000th pageview, (!) last week Laurie Fisher organized a celebratory day out - she vowed that we would find 20 fun things to do to celebrate, and that we would be making pilgrimages to places to do with history, parties, and historical partiers. It was a perfect spring day in Boston with great friends - and I have the photodocumentation to prove it.

1. Fish came over to make brunch: mimosas and blueberry pancakes with 20 blueberries each! Give or take a few blueberries.

2. Craig showed up with The Book of "Unnecessary" Quotation Marks: A Celebration of Creative Punctuation. This kept us entertained all through breakfast.

3. Even more entertaining? Realizing that Shannon's hoodie is the exact color of my kitchen. I like to call this photo series: The Kitchen Ninja.

4. We trekked on down to the finish line of the Boston Marathon - scheduled for the following day.

5. We toured the Gibson House in the Back Bay - dating back to one of my favorite historical eras.

6. As we strolled along, I told everyone about the life of Doris Duke - girlfriend knew how to throw a party.

7. We walked past houses in the Back Bay . . .

. . . . and the Public Garden in bloom.

8. We listened to an historic interpreter . . .
9. . . . and took a picture of the State House - home of the Democratic Party. Get it?

10. Next stop: the Omni Parker house, where JFK and Jackie honeymooned, and where Ho Chi Minh once worked as a pastry chef. Here's a painting of the exterior . . . on the interior.

11. We indulged in some fancy cocktails.

12. And then we strolled over to the North End for some spectacular lobster ravioli.

13. We walked off dinner for a bit, ending up in a square by the North Church of Paul Revere fame. We threw some coins in the fountain . . .
14. Listened to an opera busker . . .
15. And Craig assisted in a basketball rescue mission for some kids playing nearby.

16. Shannon and Fish are unbeatable at pretend chess.

17. We stopped in a cafe for gelato . . .
18. And then celebrated Loretta Lynne's birthday on the Rose Kennedy Greenway by listening to a song off Fish's ipod, and then turning ourselves into a beautiful rainbow.

19. We walked across my favorite bridge in the Public Garden, designed by my main man, Frederick Law Olmsted . . .

20. . . . and finished our day by checking out Boston by streetlight.