Friday, May 11, 2012

Say it Right Playlist

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Here's a fun playlist that's just right for your next Economic Stimulus Party. Sure to stimulate conversation, cash donations, and joie de vivre - here's the link to download it on iTunes. It's got indie favorites, cool covers by crossover artists, a smattering of classic rock, and a couple of guilty pleasures thrown in.

This little mix will brighten your day, whether you're holding the cash box, or taking the wrapper off your government cheese. Listen to it barefoot in your back garden, or licking envelopes for your favorite cause. Get happy!

Here's the track list:

1. White Rabbit/Emiliana Torrini
2. I Can't Go for That/The Bird and the Bee
3. Ding Dong/Nellie McKay
4. LDN/Lily Allen
5. Since U Been Gone/Kelly Clarkson
6. Say it Right/Nelly Furtado
7. Love Out of Lust/Lykke Li
8. Aly, Walk with Me/The Raveonettes
9. Summertime/The Tornadoes
10. Cadillac/Combustible Edison
11. One Night Stand/The Pipettes
12. I Wanna Be Sedated/The Ramones
13. Unsatisfied/The Replacements
14. Love Today/Mika
15. In the Walls/Stellastarr*
16. I'll Believe in Anything/Wolf Parade
17. Mistaken for Strangers/The National

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