Thursday, July 12, 2012

'90s Prom Photo Gallery

This is my actual senior prom dress, y'all! And my
amazing friend Bridget Stoyko couldn't make it,
so she had that corsage delivered to me day of.
 Here are some of my favorite costumes from my '90s Prom Birthday Party. We've got ladies looking gorgeous in evening gowns, guys looking sharp in tuxes, and then plenty of people who decked themselves out characters and cariacatures of the '90s. Here are some costume ideas for you to steal:

First, the ladies in their finery:


Now, the dapper gents:

Rob bought this tux for my party!! And two years later,
he got married in it.

Prom king, meet grunge queen.

Of course, you don't have to buy an actual tux.
Check out these cute couples:

No one danced more than Luna in her little
flamenco prom dress!
Grunge was well represented:

I swear, this is exactly how Linda Lea looked when I met her in 1997:

Noah decided to come dressed as if it was prom night 1994 . . . he was 8 years old at the time. Here he is in pajamas and bedroom slippers:

Liz Zdunich came as Tracy Flick from Election. Brilliant!

Larry and Sheryl came as Tonya Harding and the thug who beat up Nancy Kerrigan!

And one of my hands down favorites is this picture of Kristen, who looks like she just stepped out of My So-Called Life.

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